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property law

In a more regulated world, with all money laundering regulations in place,it is more and


more difficult to know all the very complicated rules when conveying a property in Spain. Over the last ten years                       

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Inheritance tax is that unknown but yet feared tax that every property owner is concerned about when purchasing a property overseas. What would happen after me passing away?, would my heirs get the property, or just a burden?, all these questions arise, and they are not an easy answer, as on most occasions, the heirs end up waiving the property so the government will take it.

 Spain is amongst the highest taxed countries in Europe when it comes to inheritance, specially for non residents. You must consider that the tax benefits are only for Spanish Tax residents, 

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Our staff is made of lawyers that grew up with the property booming Spain. This caused that corporate law was another tool to minimize the fiscal repercussions on property purchase and sale.

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       family law

Our life can go through many experiences, that lead to changes, our aims could vary, our opinions evolve, even our taste, and the duty to put up with everything for the sake of family does no longer applies.

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